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Repeatedly piercing the mesh with a cross-section of a triangle or other shape with barbed hooks on the edges brings strength to the web.
  • High-speed main needle loom machine

    High-speed main needle loom machine

    Three sections of beam combination structure body, more stable structure, high-quality thick steel plate welding, and multiple tempering heat treatment to eliminate internal stress, through the upper beam, side beam, lower beam finite element analysis, optimization of structural design, so that has a frequency of 2200 times / min under the effective vibration resistance, fatigue resistance, standard high-speed operation box structure, building block type combination, management and maintenance can be standardized and unified. The unique heat dissipation fin structure design of the box can be more effective heat dissipation, spindle, connecting rod and other internal parts of the box CNC ultra-precision machining to ensure stable operation and low noise, high-strength aluminum alloy needle beam, by finite element analysis, then heavy load conditions deformation, and optimize the design, high-strength magnesium alloy needle plate, needle hole arrangement confirmed by the needle plate simulation software test, reduce the needle stabbing needle marks, the same specification needle plate can be interchangeable Design, reduce the preparation board, airbag locking positioning, fast and convenient operation to replace the needle plate, and air source pressure protection, to prevent damage after the accidental loss of air, CNC drilling machine precision punching processing, trawl plate hole optional reaming, improve the finish, no burr, not easy to hang fiber

    Scope of application: reinforcement and entanglement of various types of needle punching method nonwoven fabrics
    Main specifications: working width: 1-16m, needling design frequency 2200n/min, walking speed up to 30m/min
  • High-speed cylinder needle loom machine

    High-speed cylinder needle loom machine

    Up and down the same position elliptical needle reinforced cotton net, 0 stretch, solve the traditional pre-needling stretch too big problem, greatly improve the quality of products, up and down the same position on the piercing, while completing the fabric double-sided pre-reinforcement, 2 punching syringes synchronous elliptical needle track, fiber follow the needle synchronous forward, the machine for large grammage, high surface requirements of suede and other products very obvious effect, high strength aluminum alloy tubular aluminum needle beam, cylinder parts: the use of special technology to remove small hole burrs, the outer circle of hard chrome plating and polishing, not sticky net; and needle plate completely mechanical synchronization.

    Scope of application: all kinds of needle punching method non-woven fabrics without draft reinforcement sizing
    Main specifications: working width: 1.5-5m, needling frequency 800n/min, walking speed 0.6-10m/min
  • Paper-making felt needling machine

    Paper-making felt needling machine

    Extra wide paper making felts, 5.6m-13.6m, suitable for paper making industry, the woolen rolls are placed on the bracket seat at the lower end of the upper woolen roll lifting device, the weight of the woolen rolls are detected online by the spoke type pulling pressure sensor on the bracket seat, the servo motor drives the filament rod to rotate, making the filament nut move up and down, driving the woolen rolls to move up and down accordingly, ensuring the constant pressure of the woolen rolls acting on the base cloth, achieving the woolen rolls in The purpose of uniform distribution of the wool mesh roll on the base cloth. The whole process of constant tension control technology: Through PLC control the servo motor, tension sensor and absolute encoder of the force trolley to automatically control the blanket tension, to ensure that the blanket is in a constant tension range during the manufacturing process, the tension and length of the blanket are automatically displayed during the needling process. The whole electrical control system uses Siemens 1515T motion control CPU for the controller, S120 multi-axis drive for the servo motor and the upper and lower needling machine, and G120 inverter for the common motor, PROFINET-IRT bus for the communication part, and touch industrial control machine for the operation part. The system provides MES communication interface.

    Application scope: Needling reinforcement for high-end paper-making felts
    Main specifications: working width: 5.6-13.6m, needling frequency 1000n/min, felt length 12-150m, running speed 0.6-10m/min
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Needle reinforcement Industry knowledge

High-speed needleloom manufacturers What adjustments do high-speed needlelooms need to make for different yarn materials and fabric textures?

In the textile industry, high speed needleloom machines are indispensable and important equipment. However, in the face of the dazzling array of yarn materials and diverse fabric texture demands on the market, how to ensure that high-speed needlelooms can complete production tasks efficiently and accurately is a problem that high speed needleloom machine manufacturers must face.
For different yarn materials, the needles and gauge of high-speed needlelooms need to be adjusted accordingly. For example, for thicker yarns, thicker needles and larger stitch lengths need to be used to ensure that the yarn can pass through the needle eye smoothly and avoid thread breakage or skipped stitches during the weaving process. For fine yarns, fine needles and smaller gauges need to be used to ensure the fineness and uniformity of the fabric.
The difference in fabric texture also puts forward requirements for the adjustment of high-speed needleloom machines. For smooth fabrics, the tension control system of the knitting machine needs to remain stable to ensure the smoothness and gloss of the fabric. For fabrics with special textures, such as jacquard, concave and convex, etc., needleloom machines need to be equipped with corresponding pattern control systems to accurately control the movement trajectory and speed of the needle to achieve complex texture effects.
With the development of science and technology, modern high-speed needleloom machines already have intelligent adjustment functions. High-speed needleloom machine manufacturers can precisely adjust the knitting machine through computer control systems to achieve rapid switching and efficient production of different yarn materials and fabric textures.
For different yarn materials and fabric textures, high-speed needleloom machine manufacturers need to make corresponding adjustments according to actual needs. By optimizing parameters such as needles, gauge, and tension control, as well as utilizing intelligent technology, we can ensure that the needleloom can produce efficiently while meeting the market's demand for diverse fabrics.

Does the papermaking felt needling machine supplier have any good suggestions for the maintenance and upkeep of the papermaking needle felting machines?

Clean the needle loom regularly. During the production process, the needle punch will inevitably be contaminated with impurities such as dust and fibers. If these impurities are not cleaned in time, they will not only affect the normal operation of the equipment, but may also affect the quality of the felt. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the needle punching machine regularly with a clean cloth or vacuum cleaner to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment.
Perform regular inspections and maintenance on key components of the needle loom. For example, check the wear of needles and replace severely worn needles in time; check the lubrication of transmission parts and add lubricating oil regularly; check the connection of electrical components to ensure that the circuit is unobstructed. These measures can effectively extend the service life of the needle punch and reduce the probability of failure.
Papermaking felt needle punching machine suppliers also recommend that users pay attention to operating specifications and safety precautions when using needle punching machines. For example, avoid overload operation to avoid excessive burden on the equipment; when shutting down or repairing, be sure to cut off the power supply to ensure safe operation.
For needle punches that have not been used for a long time, the papermaking needle felting machine supplier recommends anti-rust treatment. The equipment can be placed in a dry, ventilated environment and metal parts can be coated with a rust inhibitor to prevent rust and corrosion.
The maintenance and upkeep of paper-making felt needle felting machines is the key to ensuring stable operation of the equipment and extending its service life. Through regular cleaning, inspection and maintenance, as well as paying attention to operating specifications and safety matters, the use effect and production efficiency of the needle punching machine can be effectively improved.