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The process of making fibers into a web in the wet state, mainly processing fibers between 2-20mm in length.
  • Wet-laid web forming machine

    Wet-laid web forming machine

    Oblique mesh paper machine (wet forming machine) door width 2.4m-3.6m, composite products speed up to 180m/min, can punch loose products speed up to 160m/min.

    Scope of application: high speed net formation of wood pulp and short and medium fibers
    Main specifications: spray width 2400-3600mm, line speed up to 250m/min
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Changshu Feilong Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd.
Changshu Feilong Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional custom Wet into a net Suppliers and Wet into a net Manufacturers in China. Our products mainly involve sanitary materials, disposable consumables, industrial materials, automotive fields, medical fields, etc. Feilong has a solid foundation of 35 years of R&D and production of non-woven machinery and 23 years of spunlace production line equipment. It has a spunlace production line experimental factory and has trained many engineers with rich production experience. Our company has jointly established a non-woven engineering technology research and development center with a number of universities and colleges, and has more than ten invention patents and independent innovation technologies. We are equipped with a professional quality inspection team, and there will be corresponding inspections after each process. For final products, we will conduct comprehensive inspections according to customer requirements and international standards; and be equipped with CE, SGS and other certifications. We offer custom Wet into a net for sale.
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Wet into a net Industry knowledge

How can wet-laid web forming machine manufacturers further improve the production efficiency of wet-laid machines while ensuring fiber web quality?

With the continuous development of the textile industry, wet web forming machines are important equipment for fiber web production, and their production efficiency and quality directly affect the economic benefits and market competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, how to further improve the production efficiency of wet web forming machines while ensuring the quality of fiber webs has become an urgent problem for manufacturers to solve.
Wet-laying web forming machine manufacturers should focus on the optimization and upgrading of equipment structure. By improving the mechanical structure of the equipment and reducing friction and resistance between components, the operating speed and stability of the equipment can be significantly improved. At the same time, advanced electrical control systems are used to realize automation and intelligence of equipment, which can reduce manual intervention and improve production efficiency.
Reasonable adjustment of process parameters is also the key to improving production efficiency. Wet-laid web forming machine manufacturers should optimize process parameters such as the concentration, temperature and flow rate of fiber slurry based on the properties of fiber raw materials and the quality requirements of fiber webs to ensure uniform distribution and good combination of fibers during the web-forming process. In addition, by optimizing the drying and curing process, shortening the fiber web forming time can also effectively improve production efficiency.
Strengthening equipment maintenance and management is also essential. Wet-laying web forming machine manufacturers should establish a sound equipment maintenance system and conduct regular inspections and maintenance of equipment to ensure normal operation of the equipment. At the same time, strengthening employee training, improving the skill level of operators and reducing operating errors can also provide a strong guarantee for improving production efficiency.
Through the optimization of equipment structure, adjustment of process parameters and strengthening of equipment maintenance, wet-laid web forming machine manufacturers can further improve the production efficiency of wet-laid machines while ensuring the quality of fiber webs, and contribute to the sustainable development of enterprises. Inject new impetus.

How do wet-laid web forming machine suppliers reduce the manufacturing costs of wet-laid machines through technological innovation and process optimization?

In the manufacturing process of wet web forming machines, reducing costs is an important means for enterprises to improve their market competitiveness. Through technological innovation and process optimization, suppliers can effectively reduce the manufacturing cost of wet web forming machines and improve the cost performance of their products.
Technological innovation is the key to reducing costs. Wet-laid web forming machine suppliers should increase their research and development efforts on new materials, new processes and new technologies, and improve the durability and reliability of equipment by introducing high-performance materials, improving manufacturing processes and adopting advanced processing technology, and reduce the cost of equipment. failure rate and repair costs. At the same time, modern design concepts and simulation technology are used to refine the design of the equipment, reduce unnecessary parts and weight, and reduce manufacturing costs.
Process optimization is also an important way to reduce costs. Wet-laying web forming machine suppliers should conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of the production process to identify key factors and bottlenecks that affect costs, and reduce manufacturing costs by optimizing process flows, improving production efficiency, reducing energy consumption and reducing waste emissions. . In addition, strengthening supply chain management, optimizing procurement strategies, and reducing procurement costs of raw materials and parts are also effective ways to reduce costs.
Paying attention to talent training and team building is also an important guarantee for reducing costs. Wet-laid web forming machine suppliers should attach great importance to employee skill improvement and team building. Through training and incentive mechanisms, they should stimulate employees' innovative spirit and sense of collaboration, improve employee work efficiency and quality, and thereby reduce manufacturing costs.