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Custom Slitting winding Manufacturers

The curling and slitting process of the finished non-woven fabric.
  • High-speed winder

    High-speed winder

    Winding diameter up to 2000mm, winding speed up to 200m/min, automatic reel change, automatic code counting, center type winding, smooth winding surface, suitable for all kinds of non-woven fabric winding.

    Scope of application: spunlace, thermal bonding and other types of non-woven fabric winding
    Main specifications: working width: 2.5-4m, automatic reel change, winding 200m/min, rolled fabric diameter up to 2m
  • High-speed slitter

    High-speed slitter

    Slitting speed up to 300m/min, good slitting effect, slitting width 8cm, suitable for slitting and packaging of all kinds of non-woven fabrics.

    Scope of application: slitting and packaging of all kinds of non-woven fabrics.
    Main specifications: working width: 2.5-4m, slitting speed 300m/min, top cutting or shearing.
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Changshu Feilong Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd.
Changshu Feilong Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional custom Slitting winding Suppliers and Slitting winding Manufacturers in China. Our products mainly involve sanitary materials, disposable consumables, industrial materials, automotive fields, medical fields, etc. Feilong has a solid foundation of 35 years of R&D and production of non-woven machinery and 23 years of spunlace production line equipment. It has a spunlace production line experimental factory and has trained many engineers with rich production experience. Our company has jointly established a non-woven engineering technology research and development center with a number of universities and colleges, and has more than ten invention patents and independent innovation technologies. We are equipped with a professional quality inspection team, and there will be corresponding inspections after each process. For final products, we will conduct comprehensive inspections according to customer requirements and international standards; and be equipped with CE, SGS and other certifications. We offer custom Slitting winding for sale.
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Slitting winding Industry knowledge

How do high speed slitting machine manufacturers ensure the stability of high-speed slitting machines during long-term continuous operation?

In modern industrial production, high-speed slitting machines are key equipment on the production line, and their stability and reliability are directly related to production efficiency and product quality. Therefore, it is crucial for high-speed slitting machine manufacturers to ensure that the machines maintain stability during long periods of continuous operation.
High speed slitting machine manufacturers should consider stability issues from the design stage. In the design of mechanical structure, high-strength and wear-resistant materials should be used to ensure tight fit between components and smooth movement. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the heat dissipation problem of the machine and rationally layout the heat dissipation system to avoid overheating when the machine operates in a high-temperature environment.
During the manufacturing process, high-speed slitting machine manufacturers should strictly control the processing accuracy and assembly quality of parts. High-precision machining and assembly can ensure that the gaps and friction between the various parts of the machine are in optimal condition during operation, reducing stability problems caused by vibration and wear.
High speed slitting machine manufacturers should also pay attention to the lubrication and maintenance of the machine. Regular lubrication and cleaning of the machine can keep the moving parts of the machine in good working condition and extend the service life of the machine. At the same time, manufacturers should also provide comprehensive after-sales services and train customers on the use and maintenance of machines to ensure that customers can operate and maintain the machines correctly.
High-speed slitting machine manufacturers should also improve the technical level of high-speed slitting machines through continuous research and development and innovation. For example, advanced control systems and sensor technologies are used to monitor the operating status of the machine in real time, detect and deal with potential problems in a timely manner, thereby ensuring that the machine maintains stability during long-term continuous operation.
High-speed slitting machine manufacturers should start from multiple aspects such as design, manufacturing, lubrication and maintenance, and technological innovation to ensure that high-speed slitting machines maintain stability during long-term continuous operation. Only in this way can customers' production needs be met and the company's competitiveness enhanced.

For yarns of different materials and specifications, how should high speed winding machine suppliers adjust high-speed winder machines to meet production needs?

In the textile industry, yarn materials and specifications vary widely, which requires high-speed winding machine suppliers to adjust the machines according to different production needs to achieve the best winding effect.
For yarns of different materials, high-speed winder machine suppliers need to adjust the machine’s tension control system. Different yarn materials have different elasticity, tensile strength and wear resistance. Therefore, suppliers should adjust the parameters of the tension controller according to the material characteristics of the yarn to ensure that the yarn maintains appropriate tension during the winding process and avoid being too tight or too loose, thereby ensuring the winding quality.
For different specifications of yarn, high-speed winder machine suppliers need to adjust the speed and package capacity of the machine. Depending on the thickness and length of the yarn, the required winding speed and package capacity will also vary. Suppliers should adjust the operating speed of the machine and the structure of the packaging device according to the specifications of the yarn to ensure that the yarn can enter the packaging device smoothly and that the density and shape of the package meet the requirements.
High-speed winding machine suppliers should also pay attention to the surface quality of the yarn and friction issues during the winding process. Some yarns may have hairiness or impurities on their surface, which can interfere with the winding process. Therefore, suppliers can reduce hairiness and impurities on the yarn surface and reduce friction and wear during the winding process by optimizing the machine's yarn feed device and cleaning system.
High-speed winder machine suppliers should also provide personalized customization services. The production needs of different customers may vary. Suppliers should make targeted adjustments and transformations to machines according to customers' specific requirements to meet customers' special needs.
For yarns of different materials and specifications, high-speed winding machine suppliers need to adjust and optimize the machines from various aspects such as tension control, speed adjustment, package capacity and personalized customization to adapt to different production needs. This not only improves winding quality, but also enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.